We are open to the public to visit the farm most days!  Enjoy meeting our animals and several petting areas.  Kids can play in the sandbox and on the swingset


We also offer hands-on activities for people of all ages.  Visitors can gain an understanding of gardening, animal husbandry and connections beteeen people, land, and envrionment.  The farm has hiking trails, petting farm, hands on learning, pond ecosystem, and more.  We hope visitors will gain an appreciation and respect for the impact that the natural world has on his/her life and farm life as well as the impact on the natural world.  (the pond & trails are not open for season yet)


Admission is $8/adult, $4 for age 15 and younger - the maximum for a single family is $24 


Is a farm atmosphere with a barn settting wedding exactly what you dreamed of?  Brown's Ridge Family Farm can help!  More information will be posted soon, but email us with any questions - booking 2018 at this time.  


It's hard to believe but summer is right around the corner.  Brown's Ridge Family Farm offers a fantastic summer farm camp!      Check it out on our camp page!


Rides!  We offer trail rides, pony rides, Chugger the Train rides, hay rides, and more!


Interested in having a farm birthday party?  Please contact us for more.  




There's nothing better than fresh maple syrup on your pancakes in the morning!  Add a little honey to your tea and it's pure bliss.  


The taste from farm pasture-raised chickens and pigs simply cannot be compared to what is bought at most supermarkets.  Not only does it taste amazing but its better for you! 


More information about purchasing these products and more will be coming soon.  We are taking pre-orders for our chicken and pig CSAs if you're interested please email us.  If you haven't already, please sign up to our email list on the contact page.   




888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345


888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345