What is a CSA?

A CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is a way that consumers help farmers with expense from planting to operating to capital improvemtns.  A CSA gives the farm the ability to produce the great food you need and want while providing you a discount for being a part of the program.


Another way to think of it is a subsciption program whereby you pay up front for the product we will provide throughout the season.  It provides us the needed funds up front so that we can provide the very best end product.  


We offer "quarter," "half," or "full" shares for our meat products.  When you a park share for instance, you will receive a mix of cuts from the pig including prok chops, ham, back, sausage, gournd pork, ribs, shoulder, and ground pork.    


With a our chicken share you receive a chicken a week or every-other week.  



Pasture Raised Chicken Shares 


We strive to provide the best quality product and do so by raising our animals naturally, free-ranging, and humanely.  


We offer pork by the "whole," "half," and "quarter" of the animal. Pricing is based on "hanging weight" of the animal when it gets to the butcher, which is different from the final weight of pork cuts you will receive.  Price per pound of hanging weight is $3.50 for whole pig share, $4.00 for half pig share, and $4.50 for quarter pig shares.  About 65-75% of the hanging weight comes back from the butcher as cuts.  So, in the end, you will pay about $6 per pound which is a great value for pasture raised pork! 


We require a $200 deposit and the balance on pick-up.  

Pasture Raised Pig Shares